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2000 Acura Integra GS
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Hey all, new to being apart of a forum but have been reading lots of info off here and hondatech for awhile now. Decided to join and post my "build" (just all the parts I've acquired over several months) and try to get some thoughts and opinions. Prepare for a kinda long list I'm doing lsvtec from scratch kinda lol.
Just a quick note most of these parts were bought off ebay and some others off facebook market place, etc if any one cares.

Incomplete 1991 b16 head- $410
B16 valve cover- $100
B16 intake manifold(No TB)- $50
Bare B18B1 block- $60
B18B1 crank- $60
B18B1 oil pan,windage tray, pickup tube, and studs-$50
New Honda p72 oil pump,npw water pump kit, and gates timing belt- $289
Oil cap- $14.47
Spark plug cover- $8.35
ZERG throttle body gasket-$12.87
ZERG intake manifold gasket-$28.96
New cam cap bolts and hardware-$69.66
OEM valve cover seal kit-$19.29
Supertech budget valves- $198.41
Supertech valve stem seals-$12.86
Supertech keepers- $35.34
Brian crower dual valve springs with steel retainers- $301.80
KING Main bearings,rod bearings, and thrust washers-$53.57
Acura RDX 410cc Fuel Injectors w/Plug & Play Adapters & Hats- $139.43
Golden Eagle Cam Gears- $225.12
Vtec Solenoid- $53.40
ZERG vtec conversion kit- $357.14
Aem fuel rail with regulator,pressure gauge, and fuel lines- $300.29
Brian Crower Cams Stage 2 NA- $512.93
Supertech Lost Motion Assemblies- $96.51
HAmotorsports Obd2b-Obd1 harness-$89.95
Head resurface and pressure check-$72.48
Skunk2 66mm TB- $128.69
HAmotorsports Hondata v3 p28- $795.03
TOTAL = $4,577.79

This is pretty much all I've got into it, thinking about doing like 11:1 or 11.5:1 compression. I have thought a little about doing boost but im not quite sure yet just because I wanna be able to beat on this thing and drive it as a daily in the summer months and still be able to take it on long road trips reliably.
Any input or tips of any kind are appreciated im completely new to building engines and this is my first stick shift car actually but I've had it for awhile. Thanks for taking the time to read hope to hear some opinions.
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