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Just wondering if anyone has done any reading on this besides me? (Hot Rod November '03 has an article on it)

What I thought was really cool about the ignition is that it had "traction control" without having traction control. Yea didn't make since till I read the article either. It has to be tuned to your engine basically and it limits the rev increase the engine is allowed per second. They're calling it "Slew Control" originally desinged for drag boat racing (props go out of the water on lauch engine hits max revs....) but back to the ingintion.

on setting how fast you can rev if you set it to 1000 rpms per second you punch it at 1k and the fastest you can reach 7k is 6 seconds it WoN'T allow it any faster.

Features: (this will suck to type
oh well)

Rev Limits: Four separate rev limits can be set for burnout, launch, max rpm, and spool-up for turbo cars prior to the burnout.

Rev Limit Curve: Allows user to map an rpm-limiting curve based on time, in 100-rpm increments from 0.01 seconds up to 12.50 seconds

RPM Slew: Provides an rpm-limited function based on a ration between engine rpm and time resulting in a programmable rate of acceleration for EACH GEAR.

Launch Retard: Time-based retard can be programmed from 0 to 15 degrees in 0.1-degree increments from 0 to 2.5 seconds

Step Retards: Up to three retards can be activated either at preset rpm points or when 12 volts are applied to activation wire.

Gear Retards: Up to Six different timing curves can be programmed from 300 to 12,500 rpm in 0.1-degree increments for every 100 rpm

Boost Retard: Timing retard curve can be programmed to retard 0 to 25 degrees from 2 psi to 45 psi in 0.1-degree increments

Gear Shift Advance: Advances timing during shifts to keep combustion temperatures consistent.

Individual Cylinder Timing: Retards timing up to 10 degrees in 0.1-degree increments for each cylinder to compensate for cylinder-to-cylinder combustion variations.

RPM/Time/Pressure Switch: Allows ignition to activate a circuit based on time delay in 0.1-second increments, manifold pressure in 0.25 psi increments from 2 to 45 psi, or rpm from 800 to 12,500 in 100-rpm increments

Shift Light: Allows seperate rpm points to be set for launch, each gear, and the rpm drom the ignition recognizes as a shift between each gear.


Also thought I'd throw in they do have a Windows based app that you program the 7-Plus with or they also have a handheld computer they sell that can be used for it as well. If someone has this already I've love to hear what you've thought of it's features...possibly time slips at the track, etc...

I did find on MSD's website that it's not to be used on emission controlled cars so it looks like you lucky few that are able to have race only cars can take advantage of this...I still think the technology behind it is very interesting. If someone would like to host the files for me I'll update this post to show the article or give links for them to download's quite interesting

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