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Hi , I've been recently been nostalgic about the integras and regret not buying one over a 2001 honda prelude sh in my early 20s. Wanted a gsr model back then but lived in a small city out mid west in Canada and thier wasn't much on the market at the time.

For some reason I'm really loving the old integras 1990 - 1993 body style, which not much around compare to the 94 - 2001 body style.

I'm here to learn and read more about these cars before pulling the trigger as their getting pretty expensive now a days 馃槄.

I live in toronto Canada, and the price here for 1990 - 2001 range from $6,500 - $8,000 cad for project type cars that have issues and would need moderate to alot of body work due to rust.

A clean integra with no to very little rust go from $9 - $15 k. I'm sure it still need some work due to it being an old car.

Like , how much would you guys advise me spending on one ? I have some knowledge and experience working on cars ( most YouTube) . My wifey have me on a tight budget $6,500 k max since I have another car I'm building slowly.

For this build , I just want to restore it back to oem plus look, just wheels , coilovers, and upgraded tech for comfort.

Once it's fully restored with perfect body and 100 percent running condition, I'll start adding small engine mods for a little bit more power .

Not planning to do this in one year , but hope to finish the build in 3 yrs or so.

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With how much of a demand there is for these cars lately, nailing down a budget is going to be difficult. If you end up having to spend a little more up front to get a really clean example, I'd say go for it. It will save you time, frustration, and $$$ as you progress into the build.
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