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1998 Acura Integra GSR
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Hi all,

I just joined. I have a 1998 Integra GS-R which I bought new that year. She's now almost 23 years old and still not quite 80K miles! It helps that I had a job where I took public transit to work!

Recently had the timing belt replaced for the 3rd time. Car is now in the shop getting a new clutch master cylinder. I'm wondering if the brake master cylinder isn't far behind. I've been advised to at least get brake fluid flushed and replaced.

Overall, very little has gone wrong with the car, though little things have broken.

It's a fun car and I still love it, but as I age, anything more than about an hour's drive in it is painful. I use my Subaru Crosstrek for long trips.

Anyway, just introducing myself and saying hi!
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