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I've been reading threads on TI, CI, and HT for a very long time. I discovered the forums within a few years of them starting, but for whatever reason, never made an account. I am the second owner of a 1997 Integra LS "Gold Edition." I've added 140k mi to its clock. I am an engineer so don't be surprised if I nitpick. Perfectionist? Maybe. Ricer? Never. Keep it nice, not rice, or not at all.

I have:
  • Watched helplessly as my teg got t-boned, but later rebuilt
  • Rebuilt the entire suspension with stock, Energy, and Eibach
  • Disassembled the entire car and repainted it including replacing windows
  • Made an OEM filter / cold air intake from 3" sch 10 PVC & a flared subwoofer port (article)
  • Heavily edited the factory service manual to make it more me-friendly
  • Learned the vast majority of maintenance chores inc. timing belt & water pump (Lisle can thank me later)
  • Cleaned, resealed, and rebuilt the LS head, intake, & exhaust including porting & polishing
  • Have built a vast collection of tools to show for it--I can recommend for/ against if anyone needs pointers
I am currently:
  • Rebuilding the power steering pump & upgrading to GSR cooling
  • Replacing the heater hose network with OEM and
  • upgrading the A/C to 98-01/ CRV with filter--finally (article)
I'm sure I'll ask for help occasionally. I'm also planning to write DIY articles for some of the major projects above to give back.
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