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New Blue Gauges Pics....Check It Out!

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A pic of my new blue guages installed along with painting the rings silver. It looks sweet. Thanx for the tips TI members....

Whole gauge shot

Lit up..

Before they light up
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looks good
Thanx...i always wanted some blue indiglo gauges. I thought it would be hard to install but thanx to the article on here it was a breeze.
Those look good! What kind of gauges are they?

There's a pic of the box for ya Integral. They seem to be of pretty good quality.
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what do they look like lit up at night, do they just stay blue like that? they look nice
i always loved the redline on the speedo on those. looks very clean.
Here's the night shots you wanted.....the gauges look ALOT better in person. I got a decent camera but it's hard to get night pics. The gauges also have a dimmer switch so you can make it more blue or green depending on your taste. I love these gauges.....i'm hooked on the blue :)

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Wow, that's very nice, I might break from my regime of performance-oriented spending and buy a set a those... Any full interior shots?
I'll have some interior shots tomorrow for everyone.
what name brand? sorry i must have scremed by it
Very nice. I think it looks pretty damn good. Enjoy.
did you white out the "ACURA" on your steering wheel?

edit: by the way, nice gauges!
01WhiteGSR on Feb/15/04 said:
what name brand? sorry i must have scremed by it
where can i get that? ive always wanted to do that but i wasnt really sure if i get just a cover type thing or if i need to buy bulbs that are blue. ive heard both and i was wondering if i could get some feedback on which looks better in your opinion. and cost of each
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