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i kno i can use my obd0 harness if i use a obd0 distributor n my injectors as well.....
1-how bout if i get an obd1 ls harness....i will have to use a obd1 distributor n injectors as well?and run the vtec wires
2-is the 0bd0 wire harness 2 piece like the harness on a DC or eg?or is it one piece like the EK ones?
3-ive read that when putting an obd2 motor in an obd1 car such as a DC/EG, for simplicity u can keep the obd2 harness and plug it right into the obd1 harness that starts on the shock tower. this way u dont have to swap the injectors, distributor, etc. is this possible for an OBD2 swap in an OBD0 da?can i use an obd2 harness and plug it into the obd0 harness on the shock tower?

i tried searching but the only thing i get is to use a obd0 harness with obd0 distributor n injectors....and use either a pr3/pw0 chiped ecu to work to its full potential to meet itr standards.....

if you just got something dumb to say please keep it to yourself i seek helpful information ....thanks in advanced
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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