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2000 Integra LS automatic with 280k

Car is making this ridiculously loud high pitch whine/buzz.

I don't think its a belt.

It only happens when the car is in gear (not revving in park) moving but also ONLY if I'm pressing the gas.

The more pressure on the gas the higher the volume and buzz.

Its mostly common when commute first starts and between 20-60mph.

It kind of dies down sometime but not always at freeway speeds and car is hot from the commute (not completely dies down, gas pressure and still hear the whine).

I feel like its coming from the left driver side area around the alternator area.

I can pinpoint it and a mechanic had no idea what it was. He told me to try draining and adding ATF to see if it helps.

Besides being sluggish and the dreaded P1399 code, car runs great and idles steady.

Any help?
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