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Need Advice on new 17 inch wheels/tires

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Im seriously in the market for some new tires and rims. Im really sick of looking at my 14 inch steelies with hubcaps :) I've done a ton of research online, but I still havent come to a decision on maybe what I should get. I am looking to get 205/40/17 tires. I need them to be all season, since I live in Northern Nevada where it snows. Do you guys have any preferences on good low profile all season tires to match my 17 inch rims? For my new rims, I'm not really sure what will look good since this will be my first time buying them. I have a silver teg, so I was thinking that either gunmetal or hyperblack rims would look good instead of silver. If anyone here can give me some ideas on some rims that would look good on my car, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks, and sorry for the long post.
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First of all, they don't make many 'low profile all season' tires in 17 inch diameters for cars. The 17 inch tire market is pretty much a performance area. The tires kinda suck in the winter or heavy rain unless you shell out like $150 a tire. If you get some 17 inch wheels then you will want to keep your stock ones so you have decent snow tires and then you just rotate them in the winter and spring. I've got snow tires on some stock rims and then my 17s are wrapped with nicer tires for summertime. You don't want to mess up your nice 17s if you accidently slide into a hidden curb or something anyway, do you?
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