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My P72 Cylinder Head

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I recently aquired a b18c cyl head and I had a few questions. I notice the dowell pins were warp when i pulled them from the cyl head. Does this pose a problem? I know i can check for head warpage with a staright edge but do I need feeler gauags or anything else? Last but not least, there are some light scartches on the matting surface of the head. Should this pose a concern to have the head's surface redone? Here are a few images and feel free to point out anything else that is wrong with my head.

cyl 4

cyl 3

cyl 2

cyl 1

These are the scratches I am talking about.

Intake Ports

Side shot

Cam Gear Side


My plans are to build a b20/vtec. Using this cyl head with ITR Valvetrain, and cams. B20b or Z block, whichever one i can find. Shoting for 11:6:1 compression with 84mm std bore wiseco pistons. Egale H-beam's with arp rod bolts. New set of honda oem bearings. Matting the head with the block via golden egales b20/vtec conversion kit with arp headstuts. Fuel management via p28 with hondata. My goal is a 200whp daily driver where i will open her up once in a while to 8k. If you guys see any flaw in my package, let me know. thanks
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how about a gsr girdle and oilpan on the bottom, to help it not shake itself to pieces?
Oh yes, I remember MD mention thoses. Thanks for reminding me.
Head looks good, wouldn't hurt to have it hot tanked and resurfaced. how much did you pick that up for? I've been wanting to do the same LS/vtec, but keep changing my mind lol. What do you plan on using for engine management?
I'm going with what Ryan said. Although there looks to be a lot of carbon build up on cyl 3 as opposed to the other cylinders. Otherwise, she looks good. As well as your package (heh, I said package).

And by package, I mean engine package you pervs.
I paid 200 for the complete head. Im planning on running hondata s200 with a p28.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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