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My new painted rims.

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Well my rims painted gunmetal this week.Thought I would post pics .
Would like to thanks Mikey_008 for doing them.
Before pic.

After pics.

I will get more pics later after they are mounted on the car.
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from the pictures they look really nice man!

Now for pics on the car.........
they look great. what kind of paint did u use on them? i used the duplicolor gunmetal and they came out very dull.
look great man, now wheres the car pics???
call me crazy, i kinda like the before better. just my 2 cents though
Yeah I got tired of the before pic,Just needed a change .
yeah theres 1 coat of primer ,2 coats of paint and 3 coats of clear coat , Just need to repolish the lip and they will be good. I'll be waiting about another week before I slap them on the car .
so what type of paint did you use? and what prep work was involved? can't wait to see them on the teg.
Im not sure what kind of paint he used, It was a buddy of mine that did it.
Yeah he sanded the rims down ,I know then primer the painted and then clear coated.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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