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got my JDM Si VTEC today & i'm very hyped about this project!

unfortunately my ITR is too expensive to replace so from now on it will be my daily & this is going to be my all-out track car!

1993 Integra Si VTEC

-ITR Recaro's
-ITR Door Panels
-ITR Centre Console
-ITR Gauge Cluster
-ITR Mats
-ITR Calipers
-HKS Oil Pressure Gauge
-GReddy Gauge Pod
-Cusco C-Pillar Bar
-Cusco Front Upper Strutbar
-Cusco Oil Catchtank
-M's Power Intake
-Tanabe Hyper Medallion Exhaust
-Neuspeed Rear Swaybar
-GAB Adjustable & Shortened Shocks
-Spoon Progressive Springs
-Unknown Short Shifter
-Unknown Steering Wheel
-Goodridge S/S Brakelines
-Hawk HP Plus Brakepads
-Mugen Front Lip
-Mugen Sideskirts
-ITR Wing with Carbon Fibre extention
-16" Spoonm rims

i got it on friday & since then iv'e:
-removed the lip, skirts & spoiler
-fitted my spoon springs
-fitted my hawk pads
-given it a bit of a service

the car still needs alot of work as it's been standing for the past 2 years so i'll keep updating this thread as i go along!

excuse the crappy pics, they were taken by the importer & with my mobile phone, i'll take some decent pics soon!




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The reason they changed to the JDM front-end with the composite headlights was that buyers didn't like it in Japan, it didn't hold a resenblance to the original integras that had long headlights on g-2 and long headlight trim on the 1-gs. The JDM SiR-G front end IS the exact same as USDM, just like UKDM CRX DX front-ends are the same as USDM '88-'89 fronts. Everything is funky throughout the world.
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