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First of allI have to say that I've learned so much on this site, from lego building no-no's to r/s ratios. Much much more intelligence here than on a few other Honda forums that I've been on. I have utmost respect for Michael Delaney and his knowledge of Honda engines.

Anyway, I'm coming from the world of v8's. My dad's an old school mechanic, so I've learned tons. Played w/lots of 5.0's and we have a lil backyard built Ford Ranger w/a fairly nasty 351 w/Nitrous. So I'm not a complete idiot when it comes to engines and racing and whatnot.

But I've learned there is quite a bit of difference between v8's and lil Honda engines, so I've been learning all that I can.

Anyway, to get to the point, I"m buying a GSR this month ( sold my car last sat :p). I'm actually looking for one right now. W/the cash I have, I'll end up w/one w/anywhere from 130,000-170,000 miles (average for my price range $5000-$5500).

My question lies in the engine overhaul cost which I'll be saving for/buying parts for over the next year.
From what I've gathered from searching, $1200,$1500 will get me a decent bottom end build w/new stuff like oil pump,water pump, ect ect. Would the head need work also? New springs,retainers, ect?

I'm not looking to upgrade any internals at the moment. I know if I use ITR pistons I'll need to upgrade my engine management and cams, intake, but at the moment, I'm not worried about that.
I'm more interested in having a nice looking(gaudy bodykit,huge wing JK :p) and well running/handeling car over uber 1/4 mile performance.

I think I covered all the bases. I can't wait till I have it and look forward to owning my first Integra. I love everything I've read about them and the more I've learned about imports, the more I like em (to my dads dismay:p)

If this has been covered b4, I missed it when I searched and I'm sorry. And if this needs to be moved into another forum, I'm sorry I posted wrong. This looked to be the best place to start out.

Also, if anyone knows a reputable shop to get the machine work done (engine removal and install I can do) in N. Florida-S.Ga, that would be great also.
And I'm sorry this is a long post, I'm very wordy :S


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It clearly seems you've done your research, but it depends on how the car has been taken care of before hand to really know if you need to do any engine work.

What you could do when going to purchase any car, is bring a compression tester with you. This will give you a good idea of how healthy the engine is. If you want to go even further you can do a leakdown test and that will give you a definite idea of how healty the engine is. Both of those can be found in a search, common topics or article section.

Miles on a honda does not matter as long as the regular maintenace has been up-to-date by the previous owner.

You have the right idea though, once you purchase your car start off with maintenace first and make sure everything is working correctly before starting any mods.

I'll make a quick checklist of things to do once purchased.

Change all fluids
-Oil & filter
-Coolant Flush
-Brake fluid bleed
-Transmission fluid
-Top up power steering fluid
-clutch slave cylinder bleed (5spd only)

Other things to check/change
-fuel filter
-adjust valve lash
-spark plugs
-spark plugs wires
-distributor cap and rotor
-brake pads & rotors
-pcv valve (change or clean the one on the car)
-tire pressure 32-35psi
-timing belt/waterpump

Things that are on the extreme change of the maintenace list
-clean fuel injectors
-replace lower control arm bushings front and rear (most by now are cracked or teared from the weather extremes)
-get alignment checked(to save on tire wear)
-new O2(oxygen) Sensor

That's a good sized list that will have your car in good shape allowing you to get the most out of the integra.

Now use your discretion on what needs to be changed and what doesn't. I'm sure you and your dad are able to decided whether or not somethings on the list above needing replacing or not.

Other than that, goodluck on the purchase and be prepared for all the fun times and all the cursing(bushing install) that lies ahead.

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Thanks man, I appreciate the tips. Doing a tune up is always the first thing that I do when I get it home: Spark plugs, wires, oil change.ect..
I've never had an engine that would rev to 8000 rpm so I'll definetly check more

The compression test is a good idea. Weve got a tester hanging on the shop wall.

Still would like to know about the cost, if I'm off on that or if it's about right for a basic rebuild.

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once you get into taking the head off and crank out, then you might as well upgrade the internals based on your goals.

if you're just doing basic initial maintenance:

valve lash

I'd change the timing belt/water pump

clean out the IACV, FITV if the engine has one, TB.

change the hoses

check your sensor connections/wires/calibrations

check the cam seals and gaskets for leaking

and everything Trennel said.

once everything is cleaned up and able to run without leaks
and idles properly, a leakdown and compression test will give you a good idea of how much internals work you'll need.

changing the valvesprings, isn't a bad idea if the mileage is at 170K miles and they're on the original valvesprings which will be pretty "tired".

at that point you're into modifying...not maintenance....unless you plan to keep the stock original cams and valves/valve inserts.
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