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I've got a 1996 LS and last night was my first night to the track. First off, let me just say I was expecting 11's because after my Mustang, the Integra feels a bit slow, ya know. So I started the night off with a 10.840 @ 65.90. This was awesome because I wasn't expecting to run anywhere near that well. I followed that up with a missed shift to 2nd for a 10.861 @ 65.87. So I pretty much figured that I was gonna run 10.8's all night long. My next run I tried to jump the light and got my best reaction time of the night .709. Unfortunatly I bogged a bit off the line and ran a night's worst 10.962 @ 65.94. It looked like I wasn't gonna get any better than that first run. But I decided to try putting my seat up straight and sitting up more and I clicked off a 10.826 @ 65.14 on my next run. Great, so I had one more run before I had to dial in for trophy class. I slammed every gear at the rev limiter and blew through the line with a personally amazing 10.715 @ 66.08. I figured that one must have been a fluke, so I decided to dial in at 10.75 figuring I'd run a 10.8 flat probably. I lined up against an 89 accord with green windshield squirters as his primary mod. The way the staging trees are set up, they are designed so that both cars should reach the finish line about the same time, so he got a head start on me based on his dial in. He went with little noise or anything, and then my green came, I lit my tires up for the first time of the night and floored it thru every gear, chased him down and passed him for a ridiculous (to me) 10.648 @ 66.47. This put me out on my first race because I went faster than my dial in, but there was no way I was going to complain. I am way more excited now to work on this car to make it faster than I ever was with my Mustang. And with a bit of work and money (but not too much), I know I can pull the times my Mustang pulled, and end up being even faster. And I think I can do it without nitrous or a turbo. Just some great tuning. I do have one question though. Has anyone else run an LS in the 1/8th and if so what kind of times did you run?
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