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What s up everyone, my name is Orlando. This is my teg I've owned since 07. As it stands the car has these mods installed:

Usdm Type-r transmission( I really lucked out on this one, a buddy of mine sold his gs-r, and had this transmission leftover,brand new in the box)
Mildly port and polished head
Skunk 2 cam seals
Dc headers and exhaust, no cat.
Exedy stage 1 clutch, fidanza flywheel
No radio, just an aux chord connected directly to the sound system.
Infiniti speakers and a Kenwood amp
Blades, repaired curb rash and hand polished them.(we used to call them swirleys in high school).
Also have a studded set of snow tires on steelies.

When it was daily driven, I'd drive everywhere. The hp and torque numbers on paper just don't equate to what actually driving a teg feels like. While most people drag race, i always loved a nice curved road with some good scenery. Me and my buddies would still drag race every now and then, for fun but i wasnt feelin it. I love how the powerband feels in the turns, even stock. I live in New England and this car gets driven all four seasons. Some people like to park their cars in the winter, to each their own, but I love driving in the snow, even blizzard like conditions. When i do drive it during the winter, i wash it twice a week, giving extra attention to the undercarriage and quarter panels. I love driving in vt during the winter, especially to killington.

The car has been sitting in my garage for about a year. It was side swiped in a hit and run, the rear quarter took most of the damage unfortunately. The car is still driveable but I'd like to try and do the body repair myself. Im a more than capable mechanic and I figured this would be a good time to start learning body repair.

Build wise, i have my old gs-r transmission, 2nd gear grinds. And the head the car came with, i chipped a valve awhile ago. The car was running rich. That's when I bought a head that was already knows and installed it.

I'd like to get a block to mate with my spare head and tranny for a boost build. Im not looking for high up or boost. I'd be more than happy in the 250hp 200ft-lb of torque range.

I've been reading and doing research. I've seen some people have boosted setups on the factory gs-r IM, cams, and why. Is this possible? And what areas should be upgraded/reinforced just as a pre-caution?

Any questions feel free to ask, sorry for the wall of text.


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