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My DIY Valve Cover

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Let me know what you guys think. Its my first time doing anything like this i just want some opinions

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use a piece of sand paper and sand the "honda motor co." and it will look even better but you did a good job....
looks like you went on too thick with the paint. and yeah you should sand the honda motor co., next time tape or use vasiline
you made you own valve cover, amazing
what color is your teg. It looks ok, just seeing the engine bay, but if your teg is the same color then the story changes. Either way looks like you did a good job though.
Honestly, not trying to be a dick, but I think it makes it look its made of plastic. I'd repaint it with some black krinkle paint and paint the oil cap black too, then clean the f**k out of your engine bay. I think you'd be a lot happier with the results. Right now that valve cover just sticks out like a sore thumb.
Now that you know how to do it, repaint it wrinckle black or red.
my Car is silver, i am planning on cleaning my engine bay when i can get it out of my garage, its pretty much snowed in and with the tires i have on it i can't go anywhere with any snow on the ground. Thanks for the Comments and i will try the whole sand paper deal
looks like Ford Blue from advance auto parts
Screw trying to tape the HoNDA logo off. That would take forever.

After your done painting, take a straight razor and do your best to scrape off the paint over the flat part of the logo.

Then get a low grit sand paper and carefully sand the honda logo down till it looks flat, shiney and clean.

I've done this plent of times on different covers. Its the easiest and creates less hassel.
2Low2Go on Feb/12/06 said:
looks like Ford Blue from advance auto parts
^ Good Call, but Auto Zone

Yeah i just scraped the paint off with a razor blade after i messed up some of the paint around it when i was trying to sand it off, o well
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