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I did some more talking with my local tuner, and I now have some questions. So I can drop a stock non-vtec engine in my teg for $2,200 installed. I can go with a built non-vtec engine with rods, pistons & rings, head gasket, timig belt, and all that stuff for $4,400(this engine would be ready for high boost and waiting for the turbo kit). My last option, and least likely option, would be the built motor with the turbo kit all custom piping, T3/4 hybrid turbonetics turbo, oil lines, BOV, and boost gauge for $7,000.

With my first option I might turn around and sell the car for doulble what I put into it.

Option 2 will leave me with a turbo prepped motor that will burn oil like crazy without the turbo. It will be good to run the motor for a few hundred miles before boost, but then I have to save a few grand for the turbo kit.

The third option will save me alot of money on the install bill, but $7,000 will cause me to get a loan.

What do yoiu guys think I should do?

Almost forgot my other option. I found a vtec engine with 90k miles for $2800, but I will have to install this one myself.
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