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OK For all you Western united states Ti Members i know how hard it is to make the Dragon Run in North Carolina So here Is the West Cast Mosquito Ridge Run.

Mosquito Ridge Located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains is a 36 mile Stretch with over 600 Curves and turns.

We cross The auburn / Foresthill Bridge this is the Triple X Movie Bridge filmed in the beginning of the movie Triple x where Vin Diesel jumped the corvette off the bridge.and we get to see some of the Greatest Mountains in the western united states.

we will have fun first and foremost, cruise mosquito ridge, have a BBQ at the lake on Saturday, and enjoy the event.

Lets all come out and Swat the Mosquito
(Disclaimer no there are not Actual Mosquito's there LOL)

Event Info:

Mosquito Ridge Run.

July 31st 2009 to August 2nd 2009.

The Drive Explains it all see the interest in the Dragon run and you will understand.And for anyone who knows of the dragon run you already know.

Best Western Golden key inn
13450 Lincoln Way,
Auburn California 95603

I will be accepting Room Reservations so contact me in regards to making your reservation. Our group discounts are confirmed. (PLEASE PM ME TO CoNTACT ME)

The Regular room price is $110.00 single bed to $129.99 double bed per night but look below.

Our Discounted Group Rate will be $85.55 per room per night, 1 king size bed, 2 nights = $171.10
Our Discounted Group Rate will be $95.00 per room per night 2 Queen size beds, 2 nights = 190.00 (there are only 5 rooms available in the double bed rooms)

Contenintal breakfast daily from 5:30am to 9:30am no limit on how much you eat so you wont have to pay for breakfast either day.

Breakfast includes:
Waffles, Fresh Fruit, Pastries, Hot and cold cereals, Various coffee's, Various juice's, Hot chocolate and cider, Hard boiled eggs, ETC........

once you have confirmed with me that you want to register I will contact you with the information you need to give the inn for the discounted reservation rate and you will be able to make your reservation at that discounted price

Here is a link to ( The Story Of Mosquito Ridge )

Some questions that might arise, I will attempt to answer now:

Q) Why the first weekend in August?

A) Because we learned from the organizers of the Dragon run that this is a weekend that is in between college semesters for a lot of members, and it makes it allot easier for Ti members to attend because of vacation times as well.

Q) What about the police at Mosquito Ridge?

A) There are very few Police Officers that frequent this road they are there only for emergency purposes and will not bother with us as long as we are smart about our visit!we are just driving the country roads.

Q) Who would drive all this way just to... drive?

A) Look at the past Dragon Meet Threads and you will see how awesome events of this type are and why we need a west coast run!And then check the history of Mosquito Ridge link above.

Q) When do we start taking names?


(Now dont be cheap for this weekend you obviously know we will be staying at a inn and this is a weekend trip lets all go out have fun and swat the Mosquito)
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