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Are there fuses that I'm missing?

I disconnected my (-) battery cable, worked on my
keyless entry system a bit, and then reconnected the
(-) cable. When I put it back on, a got a spark a little
larger than normal. (Before I reconnected it, I undid
what I just wired with the system because it wasn't it's not like I have something hooked up wrong).

Now my keyless entry part doesn't work. The module
clicks, and the relays click (for the actuators), but
the locks don't want to move. I checked ALL fuses,
under the dash and under the hood. I just looked at
them though, not DMM tested. I checked the module's
fuses, and everything that should be getting power is
getting power (and same for ground).

What am I missing?

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which is correct...

so you need to check for (+) and (-) obviously.. and also "directly feed" the motor with 12v and ground (a battery from a drill makes a quick and easy source) to make sure the motors are ok....

i'd suspect its a mis-wiring since both don't work, but the only way for sure is to test all the wires.. something sounds awry

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Ok, here's the skinny (not good, or at least I don't think it's good).

Went out and disconnected the actuator wires from the relay.
Hooked up a wire to the constant 12volt to use for testing.
I took one wire of the actuator and hit negative, and touched
the other side to my 12volt wire. Nothing happened.
As far as my electrical expertise goes, it should have moved, yes?

So, I tested the other 2 actuator wires for the passenger door, same thing.

So, I thought maybe something happened to those wires, so I took off the door.
Then I unplugged the wires (that I used to extend the 3" wires of the actuator)
and tested the two actuator wires again in the same manner. Nothing.

(not sure if this helps), but I also checked the continuity of the 2 wires
for each actuator, and got nothing either. (I'm not sure if that's right or not, though.)

Crap, did I fry BOTH actuators? How the heck do you do that? I thought I was
being all carefull by disconnecting the battery cable, and instead of frying a
cheap fuse, I fried 2 actuators?

Hopefully there's something else this could be, but I'm starting to doubt it,
unless I'm not thinking correctly on how an actuator works.

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Can I wire all 4 power wires (85, 86, 87, 87) to say
one of the relay wires (say to 87), and then run that
to one of the extra spots on the fuse panel? That way,
won't it be protected by one of the fuses? (Although
the diagram says 30 amp fuse...Are any of them that high
in the fuse panel?)
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