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Hello there,

Let me start off by saying the time has come for me to get out of the Honda game for now. These have been amazing wheels and I love when people noticed the quality on my car.
I purchased these wheels in July. They have only seen the pavement for 5300 miles.
When I say "Mint" I mean FLAWLESS. They have ZERO curb marks or scratches.
All OEM VOLK/RAYS stickers are intact. See pictures below to verify.
These wheels have been removed from the vehicle, thoroughly cleaned and are being stored in my guest room.
The tires are from my old wheels. They are at about 50-70%. Two wheels have some camber wear.
I hope it's easy enough to tell from the pictures but they have never been painted or altered. OEM everything.

**Reduced** My price is $1800 OBO. Feel free to offer. Worst case scenario I will politely reply letting you know I'm not interested.
The best way to get in contact with me is TEXT. If you call then leave a voice mail or I will not return the call. PM is fine but I will only check it once a day.

Wheel Specs:

Thanks for looking.

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