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Mike's Teg - Nov
2012 Updates

Added: Page 16 - Assembly (Start to Completion)

Latest Picture



Rebuilt/Stock B18C1 Swap
Greddy 18G Kit /w Intercooler
550 CC Injectors
Walboro 255hp Fuel Pump
TurboSmart Blow off valve
Hondata S300
Competition Stage 4 Clutch
Innovate LC-1 Wideband
NGK BKR7E-11 Spark Plugs
ES Inserts
Manual Boost Controller (15psi)
Hondata Boost Controller (not working)


3" Vibrant Turbo Cat Back
3" Spun Magnaflow Cat
3" Custom V-band Downpipe


JDM 23mm Rear Sway Bar
Koni Yellows
Ground Control Coilovers
Eibach Springs (450f/480)
ASR Subframe Brace


Superbright White Cluster LEDS
OEM 3rd Brake Light (Wingless conversion)
Sony Deck /w USB Connector
Prosport Gauges (Oil Press./Boost/Wideband)
17" Shuk Rims /w Low Profile Potenza Tires


Removed A/C

ITR Side Skirts
Mo Powa.

[b said:
Page 1:
-Grille/Painted Calipers/Rims/Ultrabrite LEDS
-Customized Altezzas/Clear corners
-Removal of Altezzas :D
-Short Ram Intake
-ITR Wing
-ASR Subframe Brace
-ITR Rear Swaybar

Page 2:
-Mugen Lip Arrives
-Compression Test

Page 3:
-Car out of storage, washed, and a couple of pictures.
-Turbo/Exhaust/WideBand/misc parts arrive...

Page 4:
-Installed Mugen lip (no pics yet)
-Bumper removed and trimmed for FMIC
-Small FMIC problem
-FMIC Installed
-Gauge Pod Installed (no pics yet)
-Walboro Pump Installed
-BOV Welded on and installed (no pics yet)
-Photoshoot of car during storm

Page 6:

- Dyno pictures.
- Dyno video up (all of em)
- Dyno Results Posted
- A/C removal
- Koni Shocks / GC Coilovers arrive/installed

Page 7:

- CV Boot tears just after being lowered :(

Page 8:

-Some updates on what I've been researching and planning to do this year.
-Purchase -> Hondata S300 Obd2b
-Purchase -> Clutch, Injectors, Plugs, Camber kit, 3" Custom DP, and moar

Page 9:

-Photoshoot pictures uploaded inc. panoramic stitched photo.

Page 10:

-Emissions problems, the struggle, what I did, and the results
-Trunk leak fixed once and for all (incl. pictures of teg with chickens, wee)

Page 11:

-Interior rust problem, sprayed, and solved I hope
-Competition clutch install pictures (incl. panoramic picture)
-First time out at the track, including videos, and slips

Page 12:

-TUNED. 258Whp/267wtq. Detuned to a conservative 246whp/261wtq.

Page 14:

-End of year update for 2011.
-GSR Swap Plans Underway
-Machinist tools arrive

Page 15:

-Finally back from machine shop

Page 16:

-Build, from start to finish pretty much all on this page.

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How come your 2000 has black side mouldings? Were they repainted or something? If I was you I would paint em along with the sideskirts to clean up the car. If you really want an ITR spoiler, I think you have to get the ITR front lip or lower it nicely of else it doesnt look right to me. As for DIY's if you really want a performance gain then dont waste your time and money on Headers and exhaust and High flow cat. If I was you id save up and get a Greddy turbo kit
. I see them selling brand new on ebay for 2099, complete from some powerseller so they seem trustworthy. If you figure an exhaust is 500, headers 300 (at least) and an IM and throttle body is another 500, you just have to save up another 800 and you can turbo it and get huge power gains. Then later down the line you can upgrade the exhaust for even more power.

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Original post was moved here to save some room for updates

Original Post

I thought it'd be about time to show my car to others. I'm at a point where I'm need a bit of direction on what to do to it next. I have all different ideas but since I have no gearhead buddies and not having a mechanical background its a hell of a time to try to work on a car (which doubles as your DD as well...). Its a 2000 SE running about 140k. The cars not far from stock but I just started touching up on it this year and knew nothing to boot.

Car lowered and grilltech grille:


As for comments. If anyone could comment on the below it'd help a lot.


Im looking into an ITR rear sway bar and engine bay tie bar to stiffen the ride a bit. I'm going to get a brace for the thicker rear sway too, don't want a tear out. Also...While I love the drop, I should have gone the right route and bought coilovers. I just didnt like the price tag. But I've learned my lesson


For one, I hate having only an intake that does next to nil in terms of performance. I would like to add more performance parts this year -myself-. I outlined 'myself' because you have to keep in mind I'm a newb! I think I'm going to look into headers/exhaust system or an IM (or both if all goes well). I know those won't give much whp but it'l be something to keep busy with. Next year I'll try to get more serious by swapping the cams and maybe something neat like an apexi afc... If I'm capable of that by then.


I know you guys are going to flame the rice lights but they work for me. I TORE THEM APART and painted to match my car color. Personally I love it but the crap altezzas don't sit flush with the car at the sides, grr. At least I can always switch back to my 98 tails when I get sick of em.

I'm so glad I didn't kit my car. I always wanted to but each passing day I love the OEM look a little more. However I have some ideas planned. Should I paint the skirts and side moldings? Im not sure about this... maybe just the skirts? Personally I think the black works well. Maybe when I get better pics I'll PS it and see how it would look. Im looking for chrome emblems with a black background too. The black and silver is the scheme I'm cruising with. I would love to get a CF hood but I don't think Id ever spend the money for one of those! Also HID's aren't too expensive and easy to install so I might get a pair this year too.

And I was thinking? ITR Wing?

Sorry for the long post! If anyone wants to flame or comment feel free

UPDATE (2nd Post)

It... came with black side moldings :p isn't that how they come stock? Maybe I'll buy an ITR wing (only 110 on eBay) and take it to a shop and get it painted along with my moldings and skirts. I think it'd look alright how it is, and not ricey.

Also I would* love* to boost it, I even have the money for it! However I really ain't into the scene too much to know how. Plus I live up in Canada and I don't know of *any* tuners nearby. No local buddies to help me out really blows too. I know of a retired mechanic that could help me out, hes never touched a turbo before but I'm sure it'd be nothing to it for him. Also I'd still get my car serviced by the acura dealership so what would happen If I had one installed?

Regardless, I still think I wont be doing that till next year at least, I simply don't know enough. I could pay the mechanic to help me out but.. still, you catch my drift right.

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UPDATE: I've been ignoring my progress to date and now that winters here I have... more time :) Ill try to keep the updates chronologically. I still dont have a real camera. sorry about the low quality pictures

Anyway... first...

I spent a lengthy time claybaring my car and getting it waxed. I think this is the cleanest it has EVER been! This was taken in the middle of summer roughly.

No altezzas anymore. I finally outgrew them. I think I might just toss those right into the garbage bin or give them away for free. Hopefully the lack of altezzas means I'm learning more about cars :)

Gone! To garbage or anyone who wants to drive to my place :)

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Later on I dropped the stickers to keep it clean. I grew out of those MUCH quicker than the altezzas. I'm happy with the HP at the moment so I dont need a few more ponies. Don't want to scare off the mustangs too.

Shortly after I sold this....45$! Good bye!

Picked up an ITR wing!

I think I might actually go wingless down the road. I definately love the ITR wing, but when I took off the stock LS spoiler my jaw dropped a few times seeing it like that. :X

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i learned that i should have bought coilovers after buying the same prokit springs as you..... but at least they do ride well on the street, despite the fact that they leave waaay to much wheelgap in the front lol

also a good choice on ditching the altezzas, i bought mine with the lights and changed them out as i learned more as well....

looks like you have a pretty clean teg to start with, good luck with any future mods you decide on

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Thanks guys :)

And yes... i think I might swap out the prokits for some coilovers next year. At least I wont have those dreaded lca bolts snap again because of the recent change.

Nother couple big posts coming in a few minutes ;)

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Winter was coming. I wanted to store my car. As you can see, the rolling fields in the background... I live in the countryside so my lowered teggy won't beable to get out of the driveway.

I bought this, snow has dropped a few times out here kind of bad. I weighed down the back with 240 lbs. Still slipping all over easily! I'm a bit of an idiot buying a RWD but hey... 1999, less than 100k clicks, guy TRUELY babied the thing.

It doesnt have snows and I still dont know if I should get sum :/

(Yes this is another vehicle im showing here but its in best interests of my integra)

Anyway. 3 DAYS AFTER I LICENSE THE THING AND GET INSURANCE FOR IT some idiot dented its bumper way in. This thing had NO scratches or dents on it when I got it. Then again, 2 days after that someone got the back of him at another parking lot.....

I spent 3 hours trying to hammer it out (had to remove some bracket in the way). Its not EASY trying to pop things out. I was thinking , hit with hammer, POP, all good... Nope.

Finally back to normal after all that... I wanted a truck that I could drive into a post and shrug. Now someone dents my bumper and that SINGLE imperfection kills me :X

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My sister backed into my car with her Honda CRV. She was parked in front of my car, and knew it was there, but she was in a rush and tried to back out with the wheel to the left. She didnt clear, and the front left of her CRV nailed my bumper. (You'll see this in the next post). Needless to say. Im thinking about just getting the whole damn car painted. (Its not too bad, but I got too many dings and dents I hate)

I'm thinking dark copper (will go nice with the black). Silver is sexy but I'm thinking its a little to plain for a car.

Anyway I did more to my car... I'll take pictures of the upgrade I did and explain it all later here when I get time. I forgot to take pics of it when it was installed.


ITR Swaybar and ASR Subframe brace :) Finally got pictures today, and I have my sisters camera for once.

Next: the storing of my car!

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If anyone was really observant in the past photos in the truck pictures you could see a big yellow thing in the background :) Thats where my car was moved to to sleep for the winter. Its a storage tent for vehicles. on sale for 300 and I can store all I want down the road. Its big enough to hold a bigass truck.

Currently the car is on wooden blocks. Its on the unibody not the suspension but it should be alright. I run it to normal operating temperature every weekend.

The fortress:

Inside front... you can see a bit of the damage my sister did. The bumper held up much better than her SUV. The door panel was pushed in pretty bad on hers. lol

one more.. I'm thinking about blacking out my tails. Thoughts?


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Yea thats one thing I'm still unsure about. I wouldn't completely black them out, and can I remove it if I don't like it?

But yea.. 98 tails are sexy. Its just that there is no color on my car except for the tails and I'm trying to decide if I'm loving it or not.

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The pending update is no longer pending and now an update. I have the ASR Subframe brace and ITR Swaybar installed, take a look on page one :)

Car feels like a rock and so much less understeer! I had this done in the middle of summer but always forgot to snap a picture ;)

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New Stuff:

I've been scouring local ads for anything of interest that I'll use and get a good deal on. Basically right now for anything like gauges or a pod or wideband for when I get my car boosted.

" Dont black them out.. but this is one of the first tegs ive seen with a type r wing without a front lip.." Funny because...

Mugen Lip - Brand new! :D

And in my 'office', ignore that other junk (trying to get rid of it)

Are new lips supposed to be absolutely flat and smooth? Because it looks like it needs lots of wet sanding. In any case, I can't wait to see how it looks...

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thats the same lip i just got mines got some nicks here and there. primer will fill those in when it comes time to paint. only a couple more weeks and mine will be painted and installed i cant wait!
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