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Thanks, it look as I may be doing that myself. I was going to buy a revese idler gear for LS trans and it is discontinued by Honda. Best I can do is buy a 1/2 sleeve from gearspeed that has external gear and dremel the idler gear. I think I will save some money and dremel both. Thanks again.

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welp.... guess who finally got a manual swap done? This guy. I would have sooner but I had another car project to get done first. Since some pics are missing now I might try and add mine.

Basically it is simple, just time consuming.
  • remove all harness connectors from auto
  • unbolt starter and remove
  • remove the top 3 bolts from trans to engine
  • remove auto trans mount
  • go under vehicle and remove trans shield and eng brace and torque converter bolts to flexplate
  • put jack under oil pan/header to support weight and remove the trans torque mount
  • .... somewhere while above you can bust ball joints and pick up knuckle and let axles hang and pull out fron trans and half shaft
  • remove half shaft from eng then trans
  • remove remaining bolts from trans to eng and the two at the rear T bracket.
  • pull trans from eng.
  • don't forget to remove auto shifter stuff from trans and under car while you are there.
  • with the auto removed, remove flex plate from crank and install the pilot bearing into the flywheel and use MANUAL bolts to mount the flywheel.
  • mount the clutch and pressure plate with alignment tool and torque everything down right.
  • remove the rear T bracket somehow, I dropped the subframe, about 10 19mm bolts. I recommend an alignment after that. Install the Manual trans one. the manual trans bracket has a larger space between bolts holes FYI. Ill put up pics if I can.
  • now that engine and chassis is ready for manual, make sure to transfer the 2 alignment dowels if they stick in the old trans.
  • grease the parts the Helms says to grease
  • mount the trans to the engine, turn the crank if you need help aligning the input shaft to the clutch disc.
  • once bottom bolts are all in you can jack up the eng/trans and mount the trans torque mount on the frame rail.
  • the go up top and finish up. two upper bolts, bolt up the starter, I used the shift solenoid to wire up reverse lights. The plug is RIGHT there, wiring info is already here, I may add more pics if I can later.
  • install the auto/manual conversion mount.
  • ground the transmission!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • go head and mount slave cylinder and grease pivot points
  • go back under car and drill out spot welds where shift cable goes through OR!!!! Better idea is to use a cut off wheel on a dremel and cut around that oval shape where cable goes through. prevents unnecessary holes in vehicle.
  • take off 4 10mm nuts from auto shifter. spray with PB Blaster before start working. mine were rusted to hell.
  • go inside vehicle and remove the shifter mech, you will see a joint in the cable, separate the halves and pull auto shifter out after unplugging connectors.
  • I trimmed the big harness from the shifter and saved that end to wire up the starter and key release functions.
  • inside you will see 2 'spots' near the rear of the auto shift bolt holes, drill out those two spots and that is where you mount the rear part of the shift linkage.
  • go back under car and mount the round end to the trans and the goldish pivot end that changes gears into the shift shaft.
  • put in the pedal set
  • mount the clutch master cylinder
  • run the stock clutch lines or use SS braided lines to the master and slave cylinder.
  • bleed clutch lines.
  • connect the two big black wires at auto harness to get it to start
  • connect the small black to a green white/stripe to release the key
    if you want cruise control to work, follow different directions already on here.
  • the Idle will be CRAP so there's a few ways to fix this. already in this post, 1. new PCM for manual car, 2. screw down the FITV screw, 3.... I don't remember... block off something on throttle body maybe??? easiest is certainly the new PCM.
  • ......I think this list of steps should complete your auto->manual swap. ...... not that its too popular anymore... LOL, it took me seriously 7 or 8 years of stalling, and a friday night and saturday morning through afternoon to get it rolling. I still need to close up the floor pan hole from shifter cable and wire in the reverse lights, but its driving for me. I did however rebuild the trans with synchrotech carbon syncros before installing it.
Any other questions, I will try and answer, but try and pretend you read at least pages 1 through 12 first.


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Well, I have been getting around to wiring my reverse lights. I have decided that I will not wire up cruise control or the neutral safety switch.

In my instance, a 2001 Auto Integra, it seems that there is no auto trans module. I pulled out an Auto Cruise box. But I dont think those yellow and green wires @MeltMan referred to are there. It is one 14 pin connector.

From what I understand is that it is all internal to the ECU. So maybe my two wires for the auto trans solenoid connector, which is now used as reverse switch lights, are at the ECU. I will trace wires and let you guys know.

I know this thread is forever old, but I just got around to rebuilding a decent trailblazer for the family and now the Teg is the back-up/fun car.


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