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*9-20-07 Update on page 6*

This build log is all about my adventures in converting my sad, slow teg from an auto to a 5-speed.

Please be warned there will be tons of text and plenty of pictures to suck all your bandwidth.

Page 1: Parts & Prices, GSR Transmission Disassembly
Page 2: LS 5th Gear, GSR vs. LS Synchro Comparison
Page 4: Gearspeed Synchros
Page 5: Installing the trans Part 1
Page 6: Installing the trans Part 2 & 3
Page 9: Completed Interior & Reverse Light Wiring
Page 13: OBD1 Manual ECU conversion

Parts & Prices
Transmission & Drivetrain:
GSR Transmission (no reverse) $300 (local)
LS Half-Shaft $30 (TI member)

Clutch & Flywheel
Exedy Stage 1 and Fidanza 7.5lb $370 shipped (ebay)

Front lower trans mount $FREE (local friend)
Upper trans mount $120 (password Innovative)
Rear T bracket $35 (local)

GSR Linkage $25 (local)
S2000 Clutch Master Cylinder $75 (
Braided Stainless Clutch line kit $45 (ebay)
Slave cylinder $15 new (advance auto)
Pedals $35 (ebay)
Shift knob $10 (ebay)

Still Need
Clutch bolts $40
Linkage bolts $10
Carbon Synchro Set $150 (gearspeed)
Misc other trans internals $unknown (

Current Total Cost: 8-7-07

Parts so far:


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Yes, finally someone is doing this right! I plan on starting this once I'm done with my black interior conversion. Why did you decide on the S2K CMC? Is it larger than the tegs?

Edit: You're doing the swap DIY Style or taking it to a shop?

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Didnt include a starter in the price? I dont think the auto starter is the same as the manual..Im also looking into this 5 speed swap but when I thought about it, going through all that work wasnt worth it when I still end up with a 15-16 second car, not to mention 1200-1300 down the drain. Then again you probably love your car more than I love mine

Edit: Plan on keeping the auto ecu and cluster also?

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yeah very nice . You'll like it so much more. I like my setup its a b20 with the cable b16 s1 tranny, no ps, no ac, underdrive pulleys, blox intake manifold, no name headers, no cat, axel back.

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Opening and Diagnosing the Transmission:

To begin, I first drained the transmission outside and proceeded to carry the transmission to my spare room. A comfortable work environment is a MUST: (no I'm not married)

A little wrenching here, and there:

Some careful prying of the case:

And we're in! Slide off the mainshaft bearing:

This is the 5th/reverse synchro sleeve and synchro set. Top of the mainshaft is where it sits. Slide the sleeve UP and you're in 5th. Slide it DOWN and you're in reverse.

There's the problem. Synchro sleeve is toast. Rounded and mushroomed the bottom side of the sleeve so that it wouldnt even slide to the reverse position. The sleeve has been slid off the mainshaft and flipped over to reveal the bottom side of the synchro sleeve.

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Man perfect timing! Just starting my auto to manual swap.
I ordered the same clutch and flywheel too. Keeping this book marked fo sho!!

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You should do an LS 5th gear, lol. This is great. If you want your pictures to be more visible, and you don't have photoshop (if you do ask me how to make them more visible, its quite easy), send them to me. you might also turn up the exposure on your camera.



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s2000 mc works on a teg? Didnt know that.

I have most of the items in my garage that you needed to do this, exedy stg 1 and fidanza 7.5 fw, halfshaft, mounts, slave cyl...all of them just collecting dust

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gl with this man my car's conversion should be done in a couple of weeks

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After taking apart the GSR trans and doing some research, I decided that it was cheaper to put in an LS 5th gear and synchro sleeve vs paying $150 for a new sleeve from Acura.

LS 5th Gear
It just so happened that I have had in my possession a CABLE 5-speed LS transmission with a bad 3rd gear synchro. Considering that no one really beats up on 5th gear, I decided to rip out the good stuff in the cable LS.

Here's a shot of both trans on the workbench coffee table: (GSR on right, LS cable on left)

Gear ratios on GSR vs. Hydro LS vs. Cable LS transmissions are as follows:
GSR 5th: 0.787
LS (C) 5th: 0.742
LS (H) 5th: 0.714

I counted the teeth and verified both transmissions before proceeding.

As it turns out, the LS cable 5th is right smack dab in-between a standard hydro LS and a GSR transmission. Hopefully, this will be the perfect median between highway crusing and still having SOME ability to accelerate in 5th.

The engine this all is being bolted on to is a USDM B20Z.

To get the mainshaft/countershaft out of the tranny, you simply lift straight up. They come out together.

I then took the secondary shaft to a friends house and had him impact off the top nut.

To get the gears off the secondary shaft, you simply flip the shaft, and drop it on a block of wood like so:

Here's a shot of the secondary shafts next to each other with the gears pulled off:
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