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As you all know, the mega meet is coming up September 29. Ron ( illegal ) informed me that it will start at 10 AM. Show cars need to come in between 8am-10am. Don't forget entry fee etc.Here is a link
Adress of the Megameet
10624 Dumfries Rd, Manassas, VA 20112

As for meeting up:
Index: I know a few friends of mine are going to this event, so i decided to let other nova people know if they want to join :)
Where: Dulles Expo Center South HALL
Time:11 AM ( Saturday Night sleep in, doesn't hurt much)
Leave: 11.30 AM ( +- 30 Min drive)
Arrive 12pm :)
Rules: @ expo No burn outs etc etc use your head. As for the cruise your responsible for your own actions.

Stay tuned for the October 8 track day thread :)
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