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Hey guys,
So I did a manual swap on my 2000 Integra using tranny, Ecu, and engine harness from a 97 Integra. With a b20.

Now I have these two code p1337 and p1298
I did some research and with code p1337 is the crankshaft position sensor ( it’s the same for the b20). and apparently theres this bypass for it where you’d splice two wires together from the Ecu harness that’s under the glove compartment ( .:FFS TechNet : CKF Bypass Trick :. ).Now I had to run an Obd2a to Obd2b jumper harness because of the of the 97 Ecu, so would I have to splice it from the jumper harness or the stock harness?

Also since I’m using a engine harness from a 97 Integra-the harness didn’t come with a connector piece that to connects with the crankshaft position sensor)

The car so far has ran with no problems except the tps sensor I’m running a b20 fbo can some one help?
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