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I went by Acura today to get main bearings for my 94 LS Integra. I got all the color code and all matched up and then i called the guy that used to own the vehicle prior to my purchase to ask if he had done milled the crank or not. He says he never got it milled but instead he got it polished. That sounded all good and dandy but then he starts saying that the main bearings for the car are different.

He claims that the crank was a b16a crank. He says the main bearings for the b18b1 was a bit off such as the hole and where it locks up. He said when he got it worked on, the bearings supposedly came off a b16a and that is what he had to use and said that the 94 LS integras have that difference.

HOw much of this sounds tru or even possible? because i'm holding off on the bearings because of this..

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