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MA: FS or FT 90' 2 DR many mods

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hey, im looking to see if there is any interest for my 1990 integra RS, the reason i am selling it is because i want to get a hatch and do a swap

1990 Acura Integra RS
125,000 on the car
50k on the stock rebuild

painted HiLight Blue Pearl
VIS Carbon Fiber Hood
one Piece Headlights
Clear bumper lights
JDM bumper lights
2 sets of tail lights (oem&red/clear)
EBay short ram intake
EBay exhuast
b&m short shifter
neuspeed shifter bushings
tokico blues (2000 miles)
h&r sport springs (1.8" drop) just put on last week
trunk layered with dynamat
back seats removed

I also have the 90-91 OEM front and rear lips, uninstalled (yea the one worth its weight in gold)

i will trade for a 92+ hatch, IM me on AIM "dpg" and we can talk

car is in running condition, it pulls great, engine is strong

body is in decent condition with a few scuffs

im looking to get 2750 obo

i spent 400 on the hood, 150 on the one pieces and 100 for the red/clear tails alone
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man im pretty sure you're going to get slammed for bumping your own thread...
sh*t i would like to buy it if i was closer
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