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Page 1: Story, Drop, Exhaust,
Page 2: Carbon Hood, Sideskirts, Alarm, Headers, Short shifter, weighted knob
Page 3: Mats, corners, center caps, tires, tints and sub
Page 4: Rolling shot, sway bars, coilover talk.
Page 5: box, and mini shoot, FOGS!, Calipers.
Page 6:License caps.Jdm Visors, Rear Visor, Avic.
Page 7: Visor fitment/pics
Page 8: Night shoot, plans
Page 9: Teaser, Plans and Pictures, OPTIONAL KIT, COILOVERS, SI-VTEC JDM THINGS.
Page 10: Super Advan SA3R's! updates. MUGEN pedals, Pics of the si-vtec turnsignals on, R.i.p. Mugen lip
Page 11: Mugen Pedals installed, Written review on spoonshift knob, and rear view mirror and Mugen pedals, ULTRAREV polyurethane shift bushingsnew si-vtec lip! Auto-x video and pictures
Page 12: Back on T-I! Big Suspensoin updates. Buddy Club N+ Reivew, New Sponsors, BBS RIMS, Mishimoto Parts! New Pics of the car!
Page 13: New valve cover, new parts for spring auto-x season!! DIY RS Map light install with wiring, JDM Sunglass holder, OEM Car Cover, EVO!!
Page 14: Auto-x Pic
Although my car is no where near a gutted, swapped and roll caged car, this is my pursuit of having a reliable, daily driver/track/auto-x car, that is comfortable and fun to drive. So here's some back story because I know some of you people who don't look at pictures like to read some substance. This is my first car, it was purchased with 49k and I am the second owner. I've gone through alot of set ups with this car, from wheels, to suspension set ups. This car has come a long way from stock, I have many companies to thank: SHU (JDM parts importer, feel free to contact me if you need any rare oem parts) Mishimoto for my Rad/cooling set up, and Buddy Club for my parts sponsorship. Anyway here's some throw back pictures of what my car used to be.

Current Sponsors:
Mishimoto Automotive (click for the direct link to their integra parts list!
Buddy Club USA (check out their current parts catalog, lots of Honda parts!)

Feel free to contact me if you guys need any parts from these companies. I can personally refer you to them.

Currently looks like this:
Daily Status:

Track Status:

Here's back when i first got it.

First car set up:

Almost all of my modifications from my original set up were removed. I replaced my suspension 3 times trying out skunk 2 springs (bouncy) skunk 2 pro-c (horrible ride quality) to Buddy club n+ (great track handling and amazing daily driving comfort, best on the market well worth 900 dollars)

Mod List
DDM Tuning 55w 6k HID Conversion Kit
JDM Si-vtec turn signals
JDM Si-vtec Amber Fog Lights
JDM Si-vtec Front bumper lip
JDM Honda Access Integra Window Visors
License plate plug kit
1997-2001 Passenger/Driver Mirror Conversion Painted Vogue Metallic Silver
OEM Door Moldings Painted Vogue Metallic Silver
Acura Type R Side Skirts Painted Vogue Metallic Silver -From Jdm Sh!t
1997-2001 Rear Bumper Conversion Painted Vogue Metallic Silver
1997-2001 Rear Taillight Conversion
Acura Type R rear valences Painted Vogue Metallic Silver -From Jdm Sh!t

Spoon Sports Blue Wide Rear View Mirror -A must have for those who dont know about it
Spoon Sports Duracon Black Edition 5-Speed Shift Knob
Spoon Sports Rear Strut Tower Brace – Custom Polished
Custom Rear strut tower covers
Mugen Sports Performance Pedal Set
Buddy Club Performance Short Shifter
C-Pillar Bar Brace
JDM OEM Sunglass/Business card Holder
Custom Acura OEM Map light (GS-R to RS) w/ Super Bright LEDs
OEM Checkered Black/Grey Floormats
Alpine IDA-X300
Rockford Fosgate power speakers
Rockford Fosgate 1000w AMP
Rockford Fosgate 12” P2 Subwoofer in Custom Ventilated Box
-Complete Sound system is made to be quickly disassembled for track days.

Mishimoto Performance Aluminum Radiator
Mishimoto Performance Aluminum Fan Shroud Kit
Mishimoto Powersports Silicone Hose Kit- Black Edition
Mishimoto Radiator Stay –Silver Edition
Mishimoto High Pressure Radiator Cap
Mishimoto Magnetic Drain Plug
Mishimoto Exhaust Heat Wrap Set

Megan 4-2-1 Headers
Custom Short Ram Intake
Magnaflow High Flow Catalytic Converter
Apexi World Sports-II Performance Full Cat-back exhaust
Blox Magnetic Drain Plug Set
Buddy Club Type 1 Oil Cap

Energy Suspension Performance Polyurethane Shifter Bushings
Buddy Club Racing Spec Short Shifter
Blox Magnetic Transmission Drain Plug

Buddy Club N+ Spec Coilovers
Buddy Club P1 Lower Control Arm
Buddy Club extended ball joints
Buddy Club F/R Camber Kits

Energy Suspension Master Bushing Kit
ASR Sub Frame Brace Kit with 24mm Rear Sway bar
Spoon Rear Strut Tower Brace
C-Pillar Bar Brace
DC Sports Front Strut Tower Brace

Track Rims: Super Advan Racing SA3R 16x7 –Custom Color: Burnt Copper
Daily Rims: BBS Rx 16x7

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looks good. so what was the issue with the raptor HIDs? i got a pair a few weeks ago, havnt had any problems yet.

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stevo09redteg on Dec/09/09 said:
looks good. so what was the issue with the raptor HIDs? i got a pair a few weeks ago, havnt had any problems yet.
i brought them.. had them on for like 4 days and the drivers side ballast went and blew my fuse. sent the ballast back and got a new one. 7 days later same thing lol. takes like a week to ship back and forth and by time my second one blew i had to pay to ship them back to get repaired.. so i just didnt get new ones.. paid 20 dollars more and got 55w quality ones for ddmtuning. so far i really like them bright as hell and i can see more haha. def worth the extra 20 for a life time warrentee

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TEGDFORLIFE on Dec/09/09 said:
nice the lip. gonna look sweet with the moldings and side skirts painted
thanks, yeah im probably gonna be doing that within the month.. haha im gonna be doing alot of painting within the month.. mostlikely clearing a carbon hood, bumper and moldings and such hahaha.

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lta362 on Dec/09/09 said:
Quote: 94michaelfoxLS on Dec/09/09Yeah the dc2 is the GSR and ITR only. dc4 is LS/RS/GS/SE. If you look at your VIN it should say dc4.

thanks lol. changed the title haha.
No worries man :). Car looks like it's off to a great start either way lol.

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Searching online and i found this, acted fast on it and picked it up for 50 dollars! it isnt perfect of course but its fixable.. just some wet sanding and some clear coat or w.e ;]

the ugly:

think a good wetsand and new clear coat would do the trick?

oh and thanks to Random_Monkey i gave him my old stock exhaust for these:

gonna paint those, my moldings and my mirrors soon. once its hotter than 30 degrees out lol.
but what do you guys think about the hood? if i fix it up would it look cleaner with the cf hood or my mint stock one? lmk!

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take some 2000 grit wetsand paper and gently wetsand over the scratches and see if ya cant get em to come out. but i say CF all the way!

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cf always looks good on silver... that hood can deffently be fixed but the clear coat of cf is not paint its more of a gel.. so you might need a shop to reclear it.

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so i decided against the cf hood... being a honda and a dd thats just a ls i dont need the weight reduction and the added attention lol. so i flipped the hood, and got a

Power Locks!
Amber Corners!

headers picked up for 50 dollars. work like a charm no leaks ;P

In my friends shop getting everything thrown in and installed^
Alarm is a secrettt.
actuators i got off my boy

I got Tints at a local shop for 150 great guy if anyone in nj needs tints i got a guy for you hit me up for details pics when its nice out! didnt go crazy went with 35%

other that that as of right now im nearing a end for my car... i picked it up a lil over half a year ago and for a 16/17 year old i think i did a good job.

Stuff to come: Paint! sideskirts,moldings mirrors!
Oem floor mats!
Possibly 00' rear

Spring time:
new falkens
New Struts- OPINIoNS oN A GOOD SET OF STURTS? does ti still have a strut sponsor?

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Your car doesnt have struts, its equipped with shocks on all four corners. Anyway I'm diggin' my PIC's Apex's. You def. should look into them!
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