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2000 Acura Integra GS
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Hey all, been getting all sorts of parts together to build an lsvtec from scratch and started wondering about what fuel pump I should try along with what compression you guys would recommend for good reliability. I'm completely new to building an engine so bear with me here, I've been doing lots of reading over the last few months as I've picked out parts.
Anyway I'm wanting to stick with 91 pump gas since it seems to be everywhere and I wanna be able to drive this thing as a daily in the summer and drive out to Portland to see a buddy when im done. A friend of mine with some experience said if I'm going all motor to try for 11.5:1 compression since you can run 91 on that compression pretty safely as long as your tuner is good so I've been told. I bought some 410cc RDX injectors with b series hats and plugs off ebay (hopefully there genuine 😬 lol) along with an aem fuel rail that came with an aem FPR and new lines for in the bay. I just have a stock GS fuel pump in my teg which I don't know if that's good enough since I'm shooting for 200 whp or more if I can get it but I've only got an ls trans and wanna still get as good of gas mileage when im cruising. I've read a few forums talking about a walboro 190lph and a 255lph and there were talking about increased fuel pressure but I've got a regulator so that wouldn't be a problem I'm sure. I've got Brian crower stage 2 cams also along with some Brian crower dual valve springs with steel retainers, new supertech valves,valve stem seals,LMA springs, I'm also gonna have a machine shop order some like oem cast iron valve guides they recommend and replace those since the head I bought was in rough shape and figured I'm already this far with how much money I've spent. Oem valve guides from a dealer near me were like 14 bucks a piece and the ones at the machine shop are 3 something can't remember the brand they said. Still gotta get the bore on my block checked before I buy any pistons and rods, was thinking forged incase I wanted to boost but 11.5:1 is probably too high for that unless I decided to change my fuel lines and get a flex fuel sensor and did e85 but I'd be worried about taking it on trips and not being able to find e85,e50, whatever I dont know a whole lot about that. Was thinking cp pistons and Manley rods but I also found another combo with cp pistons and eagle rods that's a little cheaper. Let me know if I should even consider forged I'm just looking to build something that's reliable that I can beat on I just wanna build this once the right way lol . I was wanting to rev up to 9k but I don't know if those cams make power up that far and if it's even worth it, was thinking keep the limit at 8400 and maybe dish out the money for an ati super damper if it'd be worth it but I'd have to get the one that let's me keep AC and PS.
In my first post ever in the new members section I laid out my whole list of what I've done/bought so you can see how much I've actually spent and where I've probably overpaid on some things lol I can post it here too if someone wants. Any advice or criticism is appreciated. Thanks.
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