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I'm looking to boost the budget lsv I'm building. Below is what I have/what is on my wish list to complete the build. I looking for reliability with at most 300-350whp. I have a few questions, what lbs valve springs and retainers I should use, what cc injector should I use, and what essential components can not be "Ebay Specials". Also, what am I missing to complete the build. Thanks!

-B18b1 Bottom End Fresh Rebuild (Stock Ls Rods)
-b16 pr3 Head P/P
-Obd2 b16 Intake
-Gsr Cams
-p28 chipped sst
-Obd2-1 Jumper
-Stage 1 Clutch
-Lightweight Flywheel
-Valve Seals
-All new Crank Bearings/Rod/Thrust
-ARP rod/head Bolts
-Gsr Water Pump
-Gsr Timing Belt
-Gsr Oil Pump New
-Gsr Trans Lsd

-Ebay Adjustable Cam Gears
-Ebay Adjustable Fuel Pressure Reg
-Ebay 70mm TB
-Ebay 4 Bar Map
-Ebay Fuel Pump 255lph
-Nippon Turbo Pistons
-Cometic 2mm Head Gasket
-Name Brand Injectors

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I would recommend the following:

1. Injectors up to 750cc.
2. oem double valve springs on the exhaust side (to match intake side), 3. oem retainers.
4. Stage 3 minimum.
5. Steel flywheel (my preference).
6. You won't need adjustable cam gears
7. Heard folks say oem fpr works fine.
8. oem tb is all you need
9. you can get away with a 3-bar map sensor
10. ebay fuel pump may cost you more than you think if it fails during WOT. Suggest getting fuel pump from an authorized dealer (even if its from ebay).
11. oem head gasket would be fine too

You'll also need a known brand turbine, ebay intercooler, charge pipes (2.5" max.), a known brand air filter, tap your oil pan for the turbo oil return, 2.25" I.D. downpipe (min), test pipe, 1.5" dumptube, external wastegate (I prefer), one step colder spark plugs, oil feed line for the turbo (with adequate size restrictor depending on the turbo: ball bearings vs. journal bearings), oil return line w/flange, vacuum/boost gauge (recommended), oil pressure gauge (recommended), blow off valve (get a loud one).

I may be missing a few things. Goodluck!
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