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Lowering my car

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I just finished lowering my car and while I was doing it I noticed that there was a little foam piece inside the sleeve that covered the strut. Do I need that foam piece inside the sleeve or is it ok to leave it out? A friend of mine said that it would be fine if I left it out but I'm not too sure. I was only lowering the front 1.75" and it looks like it was lowered 2". Could it be that I should've put the foam inside the sleeve?
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that "foam" piece wouldnt happen to be your bumpstop would it..may look like foam but it isnt.
Could be... It was a pinkish color looking thing.
Depending on the brand of springs you used. Some brands you have to cut it in half or the first notch, some say take them off.
I used Neuspeed sport springs 1.75F-1.50R.
If you don't have the instructions for the install, call Neuspeed. I think it's the first notch. Call to be sure.
it looks like 2" because the weight of the car/...or ur shock....springs aways settle in and become lower.
that foam piece is probably your bumpstop. most people cut that piece in half and keep the wider section. I suggest keeping the bump stop in even if you don't cut them, it's the only thing that keeps your chassis from hitting the top of the strut if you bottom out. if you just got springs with no new struts then i'd cut a little less since the stock ones aren't made for shorter springs.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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