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Looking for Rad overflow tank

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Hey so i left my overflow tank on my header and now theres a big hole in it and am currently using a big autozone tank which looks like crap.

looking for anyone who can sell me an overflow tank off a 94-00 integra thanks!
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wow, atleast I'm not the only one to do this. I just did this on saturday!! I drove about 100 miles before it burned two holes in mine. I am still using mine though....I've got it rigged up tell I get another.

Funniest thing is we are both in KS...stupid stupid stupid!! "bangs head on desk a few times"
they are only like $30 from the dealer if i remember correctly
I've done this --- TWICE.

I get my replacement from the junkyard. They sell em for $12 here.
Well, Im a victim of this too... I just called the dealer today and he said that they are $58.00 before tax.
just find someone parting out their car on here and buy it from them. also check ebay.
Go on to ebay and you can get a aluminum one for about 20 bucks! Look around they look a hell of alot better.
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