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Recently crashed my 87 and luckily it's mostly cosmetic. Simply looking to get it back on the road.

Iv exhausted local wreaking yards in the greater vancouver area calling around for first gen parts. And havnt had any luck finding aftermarket or jobber fenders or front bumpers. Wondering if there is anywhere to get stock looking replacement fenders, bumpers and pop up headlight assembly and turn signals? Iv seen that kaminari still sells their body kit.

Is it possible to use a gen 2 front bumper on a gen 1? I know the gen 2 fenders are different because of the head lights but would it mount up? I could always notch out the fenders to fit the 1gen lights if needed.

I posted in the wtb section already just curious if I'm missing any aftermarket parts, or if anyone knows where some parts cars are. And if gen 2 bumper and fender could work.


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