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Local guys with turbo stuff forsale??

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Hey guys, i have chosen to go the turbo route with my car and i am piecing together a pretty nice kit so far, but i need alot of little things.
What i have:
aem ems (just bought off a member of TI)
drag manifold
precision intercooler
dsm 450cc injectors

i am looking for a downpipe for a t3/t04e 57 trim turbo that fits a 95 gsr
TAIL 38mm wg with 7psi spring
IC piping
oil lines

any help is greatly appreciated!
Thanks and feel free to PM me with any parts!
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pm'd you
ditch the drag manifold, the inline design is much better, and the price is 35-450 used.

Blox makes one almost identical, its pretty nice also.
i was actually thinking about doing that.......... ill see what my money lets me do down the road, its not like i have to rush with it.
i got a blox manifold for sale with 3000 miles on it along with the 5 bolt downpipe for a t3/t4, and also i have a dumptube for sale. i have a bent greddy trust intercooler that is kind bent on the bottom of the bar, but it doesnt leak. im trying to get rid of it for cheap. let me know if u need any parts.
i have a 5 bolt downpipe and inline pro manifold check my thread in the local section
yo your inbox is full .. empty it out and ill pm you my number so you can stop by tonight
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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