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knocking when i turn...

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i dont know if its just gen2's....when i fully turn or almost fully turn the steering wheel..i get a nast knocking sound..i did a search and the knocking threads were on something different...has anyone ever experienced friend had a 90 accord and it happened to him too..
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Yeah it happens to me. When I back out of the driveway and turn my wheel all the way in any direction, once it comes off of the curb it knocks. It's weird, I think when your ball joints are bad it knocks differently and does it while still in the motion of turning. My knock is a quick knock off the curb. Let me know if you find the problem and solution.
I had that problem once. Turned out to be an old man I ran over who kept knocking and trying to tell me to stop.

In all seriousness, seems to be a very common problem.

My gen2 constantly knocks if I accelerate thru rght turns.
I believe it's a bad CV joint. My mechanic said it's not dangerous until the knocking gets louder.
Everytime i get it fixed, it returns within a couple months
My first thoughts were CV Joint too. You should check (or have checked) you CV boot for tears/leaks ever so often, and if the knocking is loud it might be a good idea to have the joints examined.

If the CV boots are torn, replace them ASAP. This preventative maintenance and can save you money and hair pulling.
True. I replaced mine a couple of months ago. But there is still knocking, which started about 3 weeks ago. I thought I might have messed up one of the axles again. Not sure though.
mine dit it too... it turned out to be both cv shafts.. and its a good idea to replace them or they could break... if you dont then it could end up being the old no go syndrom.......
WOW! I have to admit, this is why you should search for topics first. I was just browsin' the G2 threads and saw this post, which represents one of the biggest concerns I have right now.

My G2 never used to knock when I turned w/ the old engine (up to 201,000+ miles)... But when I installed the axles that came with the B16, they knock.

Its annoying...
it had the EXACT same issue with my 99' teg.took it to the dealer, who oiled some of the axels and pinions down and fixed the problem.

hope this helps

I had a G2 before I got my 96 GS-R, I had the same problem with it. Check the CV boots for cracks or tears, when they tear the grease will drip out and dirt and stuff will get in there and ruin the joint. this can be fixed by just putting a new boot on, but once you hear knockin it the joint(s) are already bad and need to be replaced. You can probably drive on it for a while and it will be fine, but you should get it fixed, they will eventually break altogether and you ain't goin anywhere after that. You can probably get a new axle for like $86 with a lifetime warranty if you want to put a new one on yourself, otherwise you'd have to look around for prices.
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