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knocking noise from right front

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well i have a knocking noise on the right front only when i apply the brakes i thought it was the cv-joint but i replaced both sides and the knocking noise is still there like i said it only does this when i apply the brakes what could it be

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could be a few things motor mount is broken,axle is gone or loose check out the lower control arm as well as the ball joint
i've got the same problem, but on the left side. I had it up on a lift the other day and went over every single bolt and came up with nothing. I'm going to change out pads and rotors though anyway and see if it helps. My axles and CV joints are fine.
just changed both cv-joints and my axles are fine so mabie it could have something to do with my rotors and brakes. i hope so because the noise is driving me crazy
you're tellin me man, I can't figure it out. Everything looks OK to me, but then again I haven't cracked open the CV joints to check condition inside. You might want to look into the tie rod ends too, the jamnut that adjusts the steering arms may have worked loose. I'm out of other options
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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