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k-series engine in a 2000 ls?

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Sup everyone, im a newcomer to the whole import tuner scene. Well anyway, i just got my 2000 integra ls and i already put AEM intake on it. Now im thinking about a new engine, two came to mind; K-series engine (k20 probably) or a b18c (the type-r engine). Is it even possible to put a k-series engine in my integra or should I stick with the b18c? Another option would be to get a turbo kit first and if thats the better option, what brand is the best? sorry for all the questions as I am a newbie, but your help is very much appreciated, thanks.
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Well you should do searches before just saying your a newbie.
The enevitable....what are your goals.
K-series is costly but possible. like stated before. run a few searches and find out whats best for you personally.
if you plan on going f/i, your best bet is to just stay with what you've got.
I have gone through this situation with my 96 gsr and i have searched and searched and it seemed to me that getting a b18c was the best bet becuase it is a more common swap for an integra and there are more parts out there and a k20 is 5grand plus who knows what for labor, my friend is putting the k20a2 in his 00 civic and it has been 3 months and 10gs and it still isnt even done, this is why i have a b18c waiting to be picked up in denver i just got shipped in from
Save up and do the k20a or the k20a2.

You wont regret it.

I currently have a 2000 Integra GSR and a 1994 civic hatch with k20a.

Before I had a 1995 Integra LS, 1992 Civic hatch w/ built b series making 215WHP N/A with JUN3 cams.

My old EG hatch with built B series was just as fast as my k20a is now, and it probably cost about the same to do. the B series was probably a little less in all. The reliability and driveability you get with a k20 is amazing. Its a stock motor, and if you get the JDM type R trans, its a 6 speed LSD, which is just amazing.

Both of my two hatches run 12.5 on a radial and the k20a barely eats any oil where the built B would burn a little oil.

I have so much more fun with my k20 hatch then I did with my built B series. and my b series was just about the limit of what you can push WHP wise out of a B series motor without going crazy and unstreetable. Both of these hatches have been my daily drivers.

Need any more info just PM me.
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if you've got cash right now i have a jdm spec B18C motor for sale...
shopmyteg on Jan/25/06 said:
K-series is costly but possible. like stated before. run a few searches and find out whats best for you personally.
if you plan on going f/i, your best bet is to just stay with what you've got.
f/i ? well thnx everyone, umm...just 1 more thing...can a manual engine go into an automatic car?
F/i = Forced Induction

- Turbo
- Supercharger
- Nitrous

N/A = Naturally Aspired

- Anything other then whats listed above.

Yes. A manual can go into an automatic.

Like stated above, search before you ask any questions. Nothing will be spoon fed. If you have a more specific question that you could not get answered from a search. Then try posting and im sure someone will know the answer. Good luck!!!
See less See more soo sorry haha, im just a young eager beaver o_O
yes you can put a k-series engine in the teg, you need 3 things, hasport motor mounts to match yp the engine with the engine bay, the motor and the tranny
xYomamasaidx on Jan/25/06 said: soo sorry haha, im just a young eager beaver o_O
Very understandable. I didn't search much when i first joined. you might hate searching now, but you'll learn to love it. Any little thing you can think of has been covered. It's so cool when you have a problem and your so nervous cause you think your car is the only one that has it, and then you do a search on it and you find a thread 10+ pages long.
good website to help. hope i spelled it right.
fyi, is for the kswap into a dc. Im doing the K24A2 swap into my dc here in the next few weeks. Great NA power only im using the hasport mounts
well for my goals, im aiming at for about 230-250 hp (reasonable?) and a top speed of 200mph (reasonable?)
xYomamasaidx on Jan/26/06 said:
and a top speed of 200mph (reasonable?)
And you need this top speed for what exactly?
230 Peak HP is attainable in a k20 staying NA I presume with no bottom end work. 200mph..... uhh?
agreed with the last two posts.. why do you want / need 200mph? What kind of track are you trying to race on.. how long is this track..? and, where is this track?

Beyond that.. if your goal is only 250whp, you will NOT be making 200mph on a 1/4-mile run.. I guess where I'm going with this is.. 200mph is not reasonable..

secondly, welcome to the site..! =)

I know that this forum may at times appear to be very harsh, but as you can very clearly see, spoon-feeding is not an option.. People respect hard work and research when trying to find out things about their cars.

Just imagine the comparison.. taking your car in to a shop to get little **** done... as opposed to you doing that little job yourself. You get a feeling of satisfaction and a more profound appreciation for your car. I'm not saying everything has to be DIY (do it yourself), but definitely the research element of it should be DIY.

Good luck on your searching. If your searching yields 0 results, start a new thread, then ask your question. At that point, your questions will / should be responded to adequately... whether a correction in your search queries, or an answer to your question.

Again, welcome to TI.. if you own an Integra, I doubt you can find a better place for information! =)
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oh, and another thing.. have you seen the DC4 with a lightly modded K20a motor swap.. NA (Nitrous Assisted) with launch control? it raced a Syclone (pretty heavily modded with forged internals, etc) and beat it handily. Cool race.. I may still have the vid if someone's willing to host.. =)

[EDIT]: Oh.. and the point of this message was to tell you.. K20's DO fit in DCs, and can be ridiculously fast.
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