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You wil most def enjoy it

Just installed mine last Friday & I am loving it so much. I have in on a 94 RS (auto...blah
). The system is quiet at idle and lower RPM's (1g-2.5g's). once you open up the throttle past 2.5g's watch out, the thing roars a deep scream.

I think mine is a little deeper than most because I changed the cat as well, OBX cat is holding up so far. At highway cruising speeds 65-85 mph the exhaust is deep but not loud enough for you to have to shout over.

City driving is ok, not too loud like N1, louder than DC & Comptech but quieter than EVO. The exhuast doesn't call out attention under 40mph which is great.

I gotta remember to take my recorder with me so I can take sound clips for those who want to hear it.

Again, you will most def enjoy.

There's only one downside so far, it hangs sooooo much lower than stock, so coming out & into driveways you have too be that much more careful.
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