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I just couldn’t pass it up. Just under 107k on the odo, no rust as it was a Florida car until a few years ago. Picked it up for $3,600. Aside from a recently installed aftermarket radio with a subwoofer the car is entirely stock! Untouched Integras must be like unicorns. It will primarily be my 17 yo son’s daily driver (had to justify it somehow, lol). This is the second Integra I’ve owned, although the last one was a 2nd Gen 2 door with a 5 speed. That was over 18 years ago, it was sold when we started having kids and needed more room.

She needs some tinkering. The transmission isn’t shifting quite right, there’s a bit of a delay and then a hard shift, especially under hard acceleration. It also “smells” hot even after a short easy drive. I’m thinking that all rubber parts in the suspension and under the hood are likely either due or overdue for replacement as many of them are 25 years old. Fluid check upon purchase shows it a little over full on atf and a little low on oil. The SRS light is also on and the ABS light comes and goes. Nothing I’m too worried about, it is 25 years old after all.

looking forward to this car and all the fun it will bring!
a few years ago I got a 98 ls with 37k origianl miles from the original owner- no rust but a few body dings- i replaced radiator hoses anf t stst did full tune up changed trans fluid brakes and both rear abs sensors- added a new radio and speakers replaced all struts and various steering suspension bits - you may have a bad shift solenoid but a fluid change with genuine honda fluid would be my forst choice- car is 100%reliable, drives great is quick handles great and is fun plus gets 34mpg on highway
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