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Hello dc2 world i have a daily street/strip 97 integra sirg.
Current Setup~ B18c1 block(NA), wet sleeved 86mm cp pistons, Manley rods, crower crank, king bearings, 4 piston Oil pump, ported gsr head with crower stage 2 cams, crower springs and retainers no lma's~stock hydraulic. Oem water pump SKUNK2 new street intake manifold+90mm pro throttlebody, Rc 300+ injectors. Dissy and ngk spark plug wires, ngk iridium spark plugs, ati race damper, Tomei timing belt. 4piston ported oil pump. Hondata s300(latest)
The block been skimmed .0001 off the deck once or twice.(13:1 comp) Gearbox 4.4 mfactory LSD gsr WITH A TILTON TWIN CLUTCH (AKI RECOMMEND action stg 3 clutch aluminum flywheel for my ideal driver set up)
It had blow by and about to rebuild, my question is what 4piston gasket(86.5?) should I use and recommended thickness and also what size cc injectors should I upgrade to and should I go with skunk2 pro stage 2 or 3 cams with skunk2 lma or keep the stock hydro. GSR GEARBOX 4.4 mfactory lsd. Can I use race gas(no e85) which race gas recommended/ratio(50/50(93oct) can I use 93 gas when dailying Pro recommendations please?!
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