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JDM rad support install question

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This is a question who have done their JDM rad support install themselves. Where did you cut the USDM rad support and JDM support. How long did it take and was it complicated to do. Need help please. Thanks
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Do not cut the rad support. Drill out all the spot welds, and remove the USDM rad support, then weld in the JDM rad support in its entirety
How many spot welds are there.
Thanks for the link, but I don't understand why he cut the rad supports.
You can do it the way that the article shows. The bottom sections are extremely similar and have no mounting points for body panels. It is obviously faster to cut both rad mounts and finish the job. If it were me I would take out the entire USDM support and weld in the entire JMD support. Occasionaly you will see the JDM kit sold with only the top half of the mount...any kit worth its weight will have the entire support....
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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