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jan 20 2006

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it's gonna be nice tomorrow. anyone down for meeting up? chill / cruise / eat. . .whatever.
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soory cant do much and im out of a whip for a while it looks like damn it woulda been chill too
i wish i had my whip running too.. blown engine bahhhhh

nice another anthony :)

oh yeah by the way i got around to doing my gauges the other day.. it came out awesome thinks for your help dude
lol everyones car is broken it damn shift linakge bar broke. i'm getting it welded in the morning. you can come up to hagerstown if you want. i'm sure there will be a lot of people crusing around.
damn. broken integras suck.
my tegs not broke but im back in
i gotta wash my car since its acually gonna be nice, maybe wax if i feel up to it...then i got work at 5...depending what time i wake up i might have a couple hours to kill
hmm.. im working at night and im sure yall work during the day, but if not id be down to cruise during the day!
Well i will defonitely be cruisin in annapolis, race ****ty accords on west street
bunch of us are going to starbucks / barnes n noble in rockville tonight. dunno where we're going from there.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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