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Hello all!
Its been about 9 years since iv logged in.
I just decided to update my email account, say hello and share a sad story about a beautiful GSR that once was..

I opened an account here in the first place because i was starting a rebuild of my sisters 00' GSR coupe 5spd.
I needed a good resource for integra specific information.
The articles and members here were so helpful and i was very pleased with this website and subsequently my first ever rebuild.

Its a sad story because I put a lot of thought and effort into this "massaged build"
then my dear sis wrecked it on I-5 after having to much to drink one night only 5 months later.
She got a concussion and a DUI...

Thankfully in the end she made it out without any permanent damage, although she had a hard lesson dealing with a totaled car, physical/emotional recovery and DUI.
and just started college 150mi away from home right before i finished the build.

Ultimately she decided to forgo having a car while in college due to the emotional/financial trauma of this event.

anyways it was her first car. she bought/partially financed with money she had saved up over the years while in high school.

She found this "deep purple?" 00' GSR 5spd coupe. aside from the hideous chrome rims that were on it it had properly tinted windows and was lowered on adjustable coil overs (cant remember the brand).
AEM CAI and a short throw shift kit.

One day she decided to replace the chrome abominations with 18"enkies wrapped in proxes 4's:thumbs_up:

On another day the oil light came on... and she learned her first hard lesson in automobiles after she didn't pull over until it started making noises..

took it to two shops and they both confirmed the engine was toasted, spun rod bearings iirc. i remember seeing bearing pieces and hot spots..

So we purchased a JDM B18C1 out of florida for $1,450 and full honda oem rebuild kit because why not? my buddys dad owned a private full service garage with a lift bay and machine shop in the back! (i miss playing around in there)

we used Type R pistons JDM iirc. "decked" the head a bit.
I tried my hand at port matching as you can see from the pictures (jdm vs usdm IAB's).

Hot tanked and vibra cleaned everything.
we were going for a 3 angle on the valves but the B18 valves were the smallest my friends dad had ever tried in his Souix valve grinder and they would just fall out, so we settled for a regular lap job.

i had another friend powder coat all kinds of things,brackets, strut tower bars, the CAI that i turned into a short ram, because washington..
we even went for a wrinkle coat red on the valve cover like the type-R and ferarris! (although in retrospect we should have replaced that hideous anodized purple oil cap that came with the car lol)

3puck competition clutch that worked great on the street. not to heavy.

I was Very pleased with the exhaust note on this thing.
It was surprisingly quieter than i expected and had real "throat".
Not farty in the slightest but not screaming or harsh it just had great "tone" reverb idk how to describe it and all my descriptions are subjective but i can say that i got many compliments on the sound, and i almost never hear hondas that sound that good outside of the car.
its defiantly the thing im most happy with on this project and i suspect the header had alot to do with it.
wish i could have heard Vtech... :(
i spent alot of time researching flow theory to try and get it right i remember even our honda skeptical, v8 loving friends were really happy with the sound, everyone was grinning, god I wish i had an audio clip.

It was 2.5" strait piped all the way back to that N1 can that it came with. but i feel like i lucked out on the headers.
They were tapered tri-Y hybrids, i think the company was Hi-tek or something like that, off e-bay.
They were only around $200 but when i showed them to the machinist who specialized in race prep he said "you spent some money on those ones"... not even..
I remember looking at $900+ headers, so i was very pleased.
I think i matched everything up properly because the throttle response improved noticeably over the stock+N1 Can.

At the very end she dropped a full sound system in my lap after having car toys install a security system,
so i installed an alpine deck, infinity speakers, two jbl 10" subs in a box and an alpine 5ch amp. i was honestly very happy with the sound after some tuning. it surprised me, it just sounded "good" and had some solid thump as well. (Yay for hatchbacks!)

replaced the factory guage shroud with one that held two extra black faced guages on either side. went with an Oil pressure guage!!! :mrs_eusa_doh: and voltmeter.
it looked real clean.

did the hood latch cable fender relocate, and something i like to call the beer can security mod.
il explain that if anyone is interested. its getting late and i fear i went rambling about how happy i was with the exhaust note..:run:

anyways it feels good to tell this story even though its sad an left a DC2 shaped hole in many of our hearts. I would love to own one someday...

P.S. my sis ended up graduating with a masters in human services and is now a fully licenced mental health counselor(and no drinking problems).
Rolling a 2015 WRX bone stock with a damn nice system I put alot of effort into.. 80-PRS Pioneer head unit, Focal poly glass speakers,(should have made the stretch to flax..) JL 900w 5ch amp and 10"W6. two AGM batteries and we still need to do sound deadening.. badly! but life is busy.. hopefully this summer.

Okay i hope you enjoyed the story, i need sleep. Goodnight yall!


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Pictures after the wreck

insurance photos


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