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It's been a long time and I wonder...

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Back in October of 2005 I sold my 1995 JRSC Integra GSR that I made to look like a Type R. Full interior, paint and ride height. Though I didn't try to be deceptive about it. Kept the Fat fives and painted them gun metal and it had custom GSR decals. I'd be surprised if anyone is still here from then and recalls it. ANYWAY...

I am just curious if I would be able to locate and or find out what became of it. Last I heard it was in New Hampshire and the guy bent the valves on the engine, at least that's what I heard. Not sure anyone can help or not but I do at times miss the car. On the other hand content to have a pristine 2003 S2k with only 89k miles. But here WAS my GSR...
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Those the rare OEM fogs? I have a new set of them in box and they are crazy expensive on ebay so I might sell them. But damn they look good installed.

Anyways, do you still have the VIN number laying around? You might be able to plug it into a VIN-check service which might give you some clues.
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