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My 96 GSR motor spun a rod bearing and replaced it with another one. Now i have my old motor and is looking to sell it. its a 96 GSR block with a 94 GSR head. looking to get around 1000 for the whole thing as it sits but is willing to part it out. heres what you get

96 Integra GSR Block
comes with
GSR crank that needs to be grinded down
ITR Rods which also needs to be grinded down
I asked a machine shop which is 100 for both to be grinded.
*Brand New ITR pistons with Wrist pin no rings.
The block of course with everything on it. (outside wise)
ill even throw in the alternator with it.

looking price 500 OBO

Separate on the Block is
bare block for 200 OBO
Crank - 80 OBO
Rods - 60 OBO
Pistons - 170 OBO
Oil pick and others - 50 OBO

94 Integra GSR head
- 60 K miles on it.
- Everything is stock.
- Includes everything but the Distributor

Asking price 550 OBO

Will get picture either up tonight or tomorrow at lastest. Also i am selling because i have no use for the motor anymore. Planning to get a 02 Honda Accord. ALL prices do NOT include Shipping.
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