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So I've noticed that when I start the car after its been off for any amount of time it cranks over for up to 30 seconds before it fires over. Once it does it hesitates for a half a second then starts just fine. It runs and drives just fine after that but always takes a while to start. It turns over quickly so I assume it's not the starter. I've tried with a new battery and it's the same.. I've tried replacing the main relay and that didn't fix it. I have new injectors and a new fuel pump installed as well. Plugs, wires, and distributor are all brand new as well. It's properly timed and everything.

The previous owner claimed to have done the fuel pressure regulator and fuel filter but I personally haven't done those so I can't say for sure.

So where do I turn from here? Everything I come across leads to the main relay or the battery.

Grounds? I have some wire could make up some better grounds if that could be it. Any ideas are appreciated.

I will say I think its fuel related.. if I prime it 2-3 times it starts normally... no check engine lights..related to this issue.
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