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I did a search, and the only posts I saw on this topic were super old, so I wanted to see if I could get some updated information.

I have a 2000 GSR with a b16a2, light head work, cams, a cheap eBay turbo kit, s300, aem truboost, 4 bar MAP sensor, and 1000cc injectors, on E54.

So, I got it tuned last weekend on 3 different settings: gate, tune A (mid) and tune B (kill mode). The car made 414 to the wheels in B mode.

The issue we’re having now, is when we’re actually driving the car we’re getting boost cut at about 5000 and some change rpm. Never at any point did we have this issue while it was on the dyno. Sometimes, in 2nd gear pulls, there are no issues. But we start getting boost cuts when shifting into 3rd. The check engine light comes on and kills boost. We’re only running into this in tunes A and B.

Do you guys have any ideas on what it may or may not be? Thanks!
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