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I've been reading more and more about spark plugs hear at TI. And yesterday I went to check my plugs and they... Yeah you guessed it. Burnt away. I read a few topics and went out and got NGK vpower #7's. I thought maybe I needed #8's. HE said that way too cold for my application w/stock ignition. My set-up goes as follows

84mm bore b18c1/re-sleave
eagle h-beam rods
SRP 11.5 comp pistons
crower stage3 head/slight PnP
stock ignition(new wires,rotor,and ignitor.)

The block deck was machined down a tad and the head was milled also. My pistons have been notched accordingly though. My ignition timing is stock but the cam gears are set a +2in -2ex

Do you think that those plugs were the right choice and set at a gap of .035?

BTW.. I am able to get 94 octane.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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