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I used to be the president of a car club in Indianapolis, and I made alot of friends with Integras. I just wanted to post some pictures of various Integras from Indiana.

This is Christian. He is known on here as Integraholic.

This is Drew. He is known on here as 95TegLS.

Here is another G3. (those rims are for sale)

Here is a pearl RSX.

How about a first generation.

Here's my friend Mike's G3.

Here are a couple of G2s.

Then we have my G3.

I'm sure everyone remembers this supercharged ITR. (for full details click here)

This beautiful ITR belongs to a guy named Mo.

Here's a red G3.

And a teal G2 Integra.

White G3.

Thats not all of them, just those I had pictures of. Enjoy.
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