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integra was recked

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Last Friday I got into a major accident. I cut in front of someone doin 70 and slammed into the back of a 2003 nissan maxima doin 50 after I tried to stop. All I did to her's was scratch the bumper and also crack it alil. But mine my whole front clip was gone and the hood was bent big time. The side fenders were dented and my fram was bent big time. The cost would have been 5300 to fix it. My mom decided to junk it. Thanks for all the help that people gave me even though I did really particpate in anything
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sorry about your car
you sound like you are leaving the board? No plans for a new car? Maybe another Teg?
Sucks to hear about your car but did you say you impacted at 50mph? Cause if thats the case both cars would be obliterated.
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